Professional and detailed reports that are easily created, easily stored and presented beautifully.

Mobile APP Based Inspection Software for Compliance Inspections, Checklists or Inventories.

Consumer confidence in your property or community is now easier than ever to achieve

Short Term Let Inspection App for Hosts

For Hotels and Resorts

Creating standardized inspection reports with imagery leaves no doubt in traveler's minds that your property is clean, safe, and ready for visitors. Room Inspect reports give hotels and resorts control of the clean and safe narrative.

Short Term Let Checklist App

For Schools

Room Inspection technology allows parents, teachers, and admin staff to receive a time-stamped inspection report of the classroom, breakroom, bathroom, or meeting room they will be using prior to their arrival. Room inspection reports leave no question of how and when the room was last cleaned and what products were used.

Short Term Let Inspections App for Managers

For Managers

Room Inspect offers real-time accountability for management. Imagine having the opportunity to have time-stamped inspection reports delivered directly to you or on your behalf as soon as the unit is ready.

Short Term Let Inspections App for Agencies

For Companies

Are you a large property management company managing multiple properties and business models? Room Inspect or our parent company Property Inspect has a solution for all your inspection needs.

Technology-based reporting for creating standardized inspection reports

Room Inspect allows your property or facility the ability to complete standardized inspection reports. These reports clearly demonstrate your commitment to your team, visitors, or tenants. Our software allows housekeeping, property management, or maintenance teams the capability to generate and store professional reports by simply using a smartphone or tablet. Our goals are simple: we provide your property with the tools to incorporate your cleaning procedures into your brand’s consumer-facing messaging.

Property Inventory Report Property Inventory Report Property Inventory Report Property Inventory Report Property Inventory Report
Pre-scheduled inspections make the process easy

Pre-scheduled inspections make the process easy

Integrating with your current calendar system or keep reporting separate, the choice is yours. Scheduling inspections for your housekeeping team or managers add structure and accountability to the process. Documenting your commitment to cleanliness in your business has never been easier.

Designing inspection reports for all sections of your property

Additionally, we have the ability to expand your cleaning protocols, have you considered expanding your inspection protocols? We have the know-how to design and create inspections for common areas, kitchens and outdoor pools, HVAC, parking areas, and landscaping even mock State inspections. If you are trying to document any and all wear and tear that might be happening at your property, we have a process for you.


Property Inventory & Inspection App
Inventory & Schedule of Condition Check In Interim Inspection Check Out

A picture is worth a 1000 words when it comes to cleaning and maintenance protocols

We know you keep your hotel property spotless and you follow all the best cleaning protocols. What Room Inspect offers are new ways to communicate all that hard work directly to your incoming guests, regional managers, or even your investors. As soon as your cleaning teams complete your time-stamped inspection report, it can be automatically sent to the rooms manager or even the next guests that are scheduled to stay with you. Talk about peace of mind!

Streamline digital signatures at check-in

This optional feature allows check-ins at your property the opportunity to verify the inspection report they were sent prior to their check-in. This feature takes room cleaning verification and self-check-ins to a new level.

Inspection Digital Signatures

Peace of mind

Whether you create one report per year or one thousand reports, using Room Inspect to document your company’s dedication and cleanliness standards creates a new level of trust between your brand and customers.